Let's Talk About It!

Let's Talk About It! is a program designed to reach males ranging from the age 10 to 18 and working closely with youth who have been through the adjudication process. Participants will consist of adjudicated youth as well as providing supportive services to those youth from diverse geographical locations, racial/ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic status. Because social support is imperative to reinforcing awareness in public health, supervised social events will be held around the Charlotte-Metropolitan area in conjunction with our existing public health workshop series to allow participants the opportunity to have social interaction with other members of the group.

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  • Knowledgeable and trained Public Health Professionals Facilitating Discussions

  • In-depth Group Discussions

  • Team and Character Building Exercises

News & Events

    • Say YES by Shopping at Food Lion
    • Invest in Future Engineers
    • The Model Bowtie


I just want to personally thank you guys for the work you are doing with our future leaders. Keep up the outstanding work and I'm here for support and encouragement.
- Maurice Hamilton Jr.

I would like to say thanks to ALL the mentors of Sigma Beta Club for all that you do. My son Chase has only attended two sessions and in that time there is a noticeable difference in the way he carries himself and his behavior in school. I receive calls on a weekly basis from his teachers and the principal, usually I answer the calls with hesitation as these calls are often reporting of him misbehaving. I am proud to say that the last three weeks have been all good news and it is a direct correlation on him starting Sigma Beta Club. Thank you ALL for providing these young men and future leaders with your time, wisdom and guidance.
- Thanks
Proud Parent of Sigma Beta Club!