Suited for Success

Suited for Success is a program design to address leadership development, scholastic achievement, and workforce development. Youth Educational Society deems workforce development as individuals gaining employment, enrolling into a college or trade school, or enrolling in the military.
The Suited for Success program's primary objective is to prepare youth to succeed in today's job market. The program offers interactive seminars that focus on developing leadership, personal growth, and cultural awareness, in addition to networking, interviewing, resume writing, and business etiquette skills.

Suited for Success focuses on the Four C's

  • Cultivate
    • Each participant of the Suited for Success program has mentor to work with them, push them, and see them develop. Understanding the philosophy "It takes a village", mentors work in groups and we make sure all youth work in teams. Teamwork help breeds success!
  • Community Engagement
    • Every young person needs to know the importance of their heritage and their community. Suited for Success doesn't focus on just giving back but breaks down the importance of community service and the impact of preserving one's community can make on generations to follow.
  • College Ready
    • Every person deserves the right to a good education and an opportunity to have an advanced education. Suited for Success is designed to give hands-on learning and tutorial experience to students. Suited for Success goes outside the realm of academia to ensure students have exposure to different experiences.
  • Career Ready:
    • Not every person has the desire to go to college. With that being said, Suited for Success works to make sure that youth are career ready by providing interviewing skills and techniques, developing resumes and portfolios, and providing interview attire.

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Activities Consist of:

  • Community Service Projects

  • Conferences

  • Camping

  • College Tours

  • Classroom Support and Development

  • News & Events

      • Say YES by Shopping at Food Lion
      • Invest in Future Engineers
      • The Model Bowtie


    I just want to personally thank you guys for the work you are doing with our future leaders. Keep up the outstanding work and I'm here for support and encouragement.
    - Maurice Hamilton Jr.

    I would like to say thanks to ALL the mentors of Sigma Beta Club for all that you do. My son Chase has only attended two sessions and in that time there is a noticeable difference in the way he carries himself and his behavior in school. I receive calls on a weekly basis from his teachers and the principal, usually I answer the calls with hesitation as these calls are often reporting of him misbehaving. I am proud to say that the last three weeks have been all good news and it is a direct correlation on him starting Sigma Beta Club. Thank you ALL for providing these young men and future leaders with your time, wisdom and guidance.
    - Thanks
    Proud Parent of Sigma Beta Club!