Reading Raiders

The Reading Raiders Program is a summer literacy program that helps increase school success for children from underserved communities through healthy interaction with teen peer mentors acting as Reading Coaches. Reading Raiders mentor children in Pre-K programs at daycare sites, afterschool and summer camp programs in challenged and transitioning neighborhoods. Teens are educated on how children learn and are trained to coach new readers through fun and engaging one-on-one sessions using a variety of evidence based reading materials, games and tools. Each peer mentor works closely with a single child for nine weeks modeling reading by reading aloud, introducing words & word sounds, assisting with basic comprehension and playing games that teach children basic health and safety lessons.

Children and teens build relationships built on trust, reading and love for learning.



• Research shows that the achievement gap that exists in kindergarten tends to widen through the school years: young children who enter school behind their peers are unlikely to ever catch up resulting in a persistent "achievement gap".

• 46% Kindergarten teachers report that over half of the children in their classrooms have problems following directions and working in a group. High-quality early education improves the school readiness of children from all ethnic, racial and economic backgrounds, with disproportionate benefits to low-income and minority children.

• When compared to control groups, minority children who attend early childhood development programs are more likely to remain in school, complete more years of education, and require special education.



  • Reading Instruction
  • Positive Interaction with teens
  • Preparation for Classroom Instruction
  • Appreciation for Learning
  • Books for Personal Library

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I just want to personally thank you guys for the work you are doing with our future leaders. Keep up the outstanding work and I'm here for support and encouragement.
- Maurice Hamilton Jr.

I would like to say thanks to ALL the mentors of Sigma Beta Club for all that you do. My son Chase has only attended two sessions and in that time there is a noticeable difference in the way he carries himself and his behavior in school. I receive calls on a weekly basis from his teachers and the principal, usually I answer the calls with hesitation as these calls are often reporting of him misbehaving. I am proud to say that the last three weeks have been all good news and it is a direct correlation on him starting Sigma Beta Club. Thank you ALL for providing these young men and future leaders with your time, wisdom and guidance.
- Thanks
Proud Parent of Sigma Beta Club!