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One of the greatest joys of tackling a pervasive and perplexing challenge is working side by side with inspiring volunteers like you. Your tireless fight to see —to youth fully engaged and achievement gaps reduced- rally support, educate the public, find new sources of funds, and embrace youth—continues to inspire all of us. Together, we vow never to concede victory to the hurdles, circumstance and challenges that could impede a youth's success. Thanks to progress fueled by people like you, we can share new hope for solving the cruel mystery of lupus and ending its devastating effects on millions of lives.

At Youth Educational Society of Charlotte, we know that our community network is the driving force behind progress. Join our volunteers of educators, community members, leaders, professionals, and donors who are making a difference in the community. GET INVOLVED TODAY!


Your support and generous contributions to Youth Educational Society of Charlotte supports academic programming, enrichment activities, scholarships and advocacy initiatives. With each gift, we are able to enhance the services we provide for our youth -- which helps provide our future with individuals who are cultural aware and productive citizens. TOGETHER WE CAN PLAY A MAJOR PART IN SHAPING THE LIVES AND FUTURE OF TODAY'S YOUTH!


Our volunteers are an integral part of our mission to address the needs of youth development. We offer volunteer opportunities that empower all kinds of people to share their unique gifts to help make our mission possible. NO MATTER HOW YOU CHOOSE TO JOIN OUR TEAM, YOU'LL EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF WORKING AMONG PEOPLE WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR CAUSE.


Turn your passion into action! Host a third party fundraiser, by planning a local community event, establishing a tribute fund, launching a mutually beneficial cause-marketing campaign, or other conducting some other creative way to raise funds for Youth Educational Society of Charlotte.


Each year, many companies join the movement to address the needs of our youth through corporate teams, sponsorship, cause-related marketing, and outright giving. The companies that are involved with Youth Educational Society of Charlotte not only contribute monetarily to programs and scholarships, they also successfully market themselves to their core consumer audiences.


Internships are available in the development/fundraising/events, marketing and public relations departments. Interns receive detailed training in the field, and a strong professional experience at add to their resume.

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I just want to personally thank you guys for the work you are doing with our future leaders. Keep up the outstanding work and I'm here for support and encouragement.
- Maurice Hamilton Jr.

I would like to say thanks to ALL the mentors of Sigma Beta Club for all that you do. My son Chase has only attended two sessions and in that time there is a noticeable difference in the way he carries himself and his behavior in school. I receive calls on a weekly basis from his teachers and the principal, usually I answer the calls with hesitation as these calls are often reporting of him misbehaving. I am proud to say that the last three weeks have been all good news and it is a direct correlation on him starting Sigma Beta Club. Thank you ALL for providing these young men and future leaders with your time, wisdom and guidance.
- Thanks
Proud Parent of Sigma Beta Club!